I don’t “do” fine print...

I'm just gonna throw it out there - I don't like playing games!  Board games, card games, organized and informal games, car dealer games, dancing-around-the-issue games, my-camera-is-bigger-n-yours games... dislike them all!  Finding information shouldn't be a game either, so below, you have it all:  information about your sessions, pricing, and now a PRE-PAY option to purchase a session for yourself or a friend!

(sessions do not include prints, fee due on session date)

anything but ordinary session |  175
includes your session fee + social media-sized images for sharing

session + low-res images |  400
session fee + thumbdrive of session images that print up to 5x7

session + high-res images |  550
just like you imagined!  all your session images in high-resolution on a thumbdrive


studio pro session + 2 high-res images |  175
add an add'l outfit/style change + 1 high-res image |  50

career pro session + 2 high-res images ($50/ea add'l client) |  250  


I offer several experience styles with session fees starting from 100. Reprint and product orders are conveniently ala carte so you get exactly what you need without being forced to buy lots of extra prints... cuz I'm just like that!

Always 10% off your first order! 

Click here for a printable lineup of all senior services: Senior Pricing Guide

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